Frequently Asked Questions


All of our questions come from people like you! Don’t see your answer? Ask us and we will get back to you!

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How many real estate photos do i get?

It varies per house sq. ft. on how many we can complete with out beating a dead horse. We shoot as the right angles to make the image just right and deliver goal is 30-40 edited photos and sized for FMLS.

Are the images high quality?

Yes, all our images are shoot in raw format, running around 84mb per image @ 300dpi. We then edited and shrink them under 5mb per image @ 300dpi for fmls. We use a Sony A7R iii camera.

Why does my image look grainy on the flyer i made?

More than likely you increased the size of the image which stretched the pixels causing noise and grain to come in the photos. Think of it like this.. If i put on a small shirt when i wear L/XL, the shirt stretches and thins out and can become see thru if it doesn’t rip first. Our photos doe the same. If you need a specific size photo (billboard, posters, etc.), let us know ahead of time to export the photo as a .tiff or sized it correctly for your need.

Can i resale the photos to another person?

No. The photos are copyrighted for you (the client) only use. We have to retain a fee each time we shoot or we would go out of business. Would you eat off a strangers dirty paper place? or get a clean one! Same conception. We sale a one time use product for you. Not for others. If they need it, send them to us. We do offer, a buy copyright photos for a extra add-on fee. Contact us for that request..

How much is the Trip fee?

Our Trip fee is based on 30040 zip code at our house to your houses location. Anything over 40 miles we charge $25/per hour there and back. Example 60 mile trip at 2hrs and 15mins. The first hour there and back is free. Which leaves 1hr 15min. Total 2hrs 30mins. which would put your total Trip Charge to $75. (we round up at 30mins)

I have a service need that you don’t offer!?

No problem. Send us a email on the service you need under option “other” with as much detail as possible. Location, time on site needed, style of service, so we can gear up right, we will factor the rest to give you the best price options fitting your needs.


What is the Turn around on Photos?

The turn around is 24 - 48 hours depending how busy we are. Unfortunately we do have to sleep and some of us have family we have to mingle with as well. Also you never rush quality. Image what the “Mona Lisa” would look liked rushed…

What is the Turn around on Video?

Great Question.. Video turn around is completely random. Its based on a few factors. Do we need to re-shoot any of the footage? Did we get everything we needed in the shoot? Need Special logos, intros, thru Fiveer in video, great now we wait on them! Special music request?? etc.. you get the idea. to many factors come in to play on how long it can take. Just know we want to get paid, so we will get it done asap. We have mouths to feed.

How far will you travel?

Realistically?! Anywhere.. You name it, we go as long as your paying the ticket, gas, hotel, food, luggage fee and our on site fees.. Considered it done and lets book it!

What is HDR?

HDR stands for high dynamic range, and it is the next big thing for 4k TVs and 4k content. In the terms of photography, it refers to a technique to heighten a picture’s dynamic range — contrast between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks. Simple terms we make your photos look fabulous!!

Can i pay a rush fee for my service Delivery?

No. you wouldn’t rush the cooking of your pizza?! It would fall apart and be under cooked.. Eww! Same on our services.. you don’t want them under edited or pixel?! That would be horrible!!

Can we get more than one photographer for service?

Yes! We have a few extra clones in our business and we have thousands of networked photographer in our Facebook Group. Just let us know how many you need.

Can i get a discount?

Sure as long as your willing to sign a 6 - 12 month contract. Stating that we are the only photographer services your allowed to hire for any event we cover. (we cover it all so far..)