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Prepare Your Home for Real Estate Photos

Follow this guide and it will help ensure you get the most out of your real estate photography shoot.

Step 1

- Clear & Clean Kitchen counters from clutters and bulky items. Clear kitchen counters, help make the kitchen look bigger and buyers can imagine how they might use this space.

Step 2

- Clear & Clean Bathroom Sinks, Tubs, and Showers. Removed shampoo bottles, soaps, shaving razors, and other items. Keep it vacant and clean, with neatly folded towels.

Step 3

- Replace Burned out lightbulbs and keep all lights the same color. For the best correct color in photos, use Clear (white) LED lights. Make sure to check the packaging for color.

Step 4

- Turn on all the lights throughout the entire home. Will help speed up the photo shoot.

Step 5

- Clean & raise all window blinds. The photographer will need all the natural light they can get and to capture the view from the window.

Step 6

- Remove unnecessary furniture & decor. Examples are dog/cat beds, cages, holiday decor, and personal items. You don't want to date the photos. Highly recommend a professional stager to help ensure your home is ready.

Step 7

- Turn all ceiling fans, tvs and computer screens off. Any moving items will cause motion blur in the photos.

Step 8

- Clear appliances of magnets and clutters. You don't want to distract viewers with your personal items.

Step 9

- Make all the bed and remove personal photos & items. Remember your selling this home, you want the buyers to be able to image living there with their items, not yours.

Step 10

- Clean & Tidy up the yard & landscaping.

Step 11

- Sweep or blow porches, decks, and drive ways.

Step 12

- Clear all cars & vehicles from the driveway, yard, or in front of the home.

Step 13

- Hide all garbage cans, trash bags, and lawn equipment.

Step 14

- Removed Bar-B-Que Covers, firepit covers, and furniture covers.

A Few Extra Things to Be Aware of:

Be prepared to reschedule.

- Most photographers have to work around weather because it can have a strong impact on the final image. It's impossible to fly drones or get footage in raining weather or heavy winds.

Be prepared to leave for a few hours.

- 3D imaging technology that will scan every part of your home will take time and having pets or kids running through the house during a photo shoot will likely be caught in the 3D tour somewhere. This is a big problem. It's best to plan to leave to give the photographer a non-occupied space to work in. Also helps not to distract them from the job at hand. Even if you're just shuffling from room to room, "stay out of the way", it's very distracting and time consuming.

Final Thoughts:

- The marketing of your home is the most important piece of the selling puzzle, and it begins with your preparation paired with a great photographer/videographer. Having the items on the checklist completed will ensure that your home will be ready before they arrive, which will enable you to get the most out of their time and talent. You have likely done a lot of work to get your home ready to sell, don't fizzle out at the end when these details matter the most! Remember, great marketing leads to great offers on your home!


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